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We are a dynamic duo of mama masterminds
organizing a global revolution,
one birth at a time.
Mission Statement:
BirthGirlz is a non profit organization, working to normalize and revalue all aspects of motherhood in our society via education, outreach, community events and activism. Our goal is to empower women and families to create their own network of resources and make informed decisions related to pregnancy, birth, nutrition, and sustainable family living.
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Vision Statement:
BirthGirlz are women who were transformed by birthing.
We think that each time a baby is born, a woman is transformed and a mama is born too.  We want to know your stories, hear your experiences, listen to your challenges and  lessons learned, understand how you navigated becoming a mama.
We think that the hard, worthwhile, messy, ordinary work that mamas are doing every day, in every city, town, and village around the world is extraordinary and noteworthy and wildly overlooked and undervalued.  We want every person out there to feel like we do: that being a mama is truly the most important job in the world!
We want to totally normalize pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, by presenting honest real stories from mamas and pros: experiences, images, and information about it all. We want to show how it really goes down, what it really looks and feels like, and our choices about all of it.
We know that the way birth happens has a significant impact on how kids grow and develop, and how mamas view themselves.  We think that the state of maternity care in the U.S. is ...well...crappy, and that together we can exact change!  We are consumers in the industry of birth, mamas! We don't feel it is too much to expect our care providers to provide CARE. We need to understand what's really happening, decide what we want, and make sure we get it!
We know that there's no such thing as a single mom.  Mama-ing is hard work, man....and we know that we can only do it with the love and support of the communities we build ourselves. We totally believe in the ingenuity of all you mamas out there.  If you've got an awesome community that would like to be a part of the BirthGirlz network, let us know!  Or... if you're just starting construction, we can help you lay the foundation! 
Stay tuned...
This is only the beginning.
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